4th Assignment – Business cards

This week we designed business cards for ourselves. I decided early-on that I wanted to do something simple. Since our typography class I have taken a liking to Futura and how my name looks set in it.

FullSizeRender 6

I also checked out Kandinsky’s book on composition. It was an interesting read, but some of it came off as drawing meaning out of thin-air. Mel Brooks comes to mind!

Back to the business card – I found myself working in circles quite a bit on this one. I decided to use my logo from the previous week, along with icons of light bulbs that I found on thenounproject.com which I then modified. The original icons were designed by Eli Ratus (https://thenounproject.com/mordarius/collection/light-bulb-socket-standards/)

I tried quite a few different designs!

IMG_1045 2

I ended up with inkjet prints on matte presentation paper that I cut out and folded in half.



Here is the finished product for now:



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