Project Development – First Class

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    • Dream – My dream is to create a personal light that runs via a natural battery and includes a level of interaction that brings with it excitement and enjoyment to its owner. The goal of this light is for it to be an object that comes closer to eco-friendly than its plug-in counterparts. Additionally it should be more than just a utility ‘lantern’ source of light. I like to think of lighting as universal to everyone who can see. I want to design a light that can be used by any person anywhere on the planet. 
    • Vision – I would like this light to be powered by an electrochemical source that is less harmful to the environment than typical batteries. A simple salt-water battery or something organic in nature would be ideal. That materials that make up the enclosure should be more eco-friendly than just plastic as well. The light itself should be at least bright enough to allow its owner to read with. I have been experimenting with remote-phosphor LED lighting, and I think using blue LED’s to light a white phosphor plane would be a novel addition to the project.

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  • Goal – This semester at ITP I would like to build a working light that operates via an organic battery. The battery will power an LED array as well as a microcontroller that will adapt the output of the LED array in terms of mood and intensity for the user based on readings from a proximity sensor.
  • Plan –  (35% chance things go this way)
    • 2/10 – Research saltwater batteries and useable electrodes
    • 2/17 – Order and test different electrode materials to find the best combination
    • 2/24 – fine tune battery
    •  3/2 – fine tune battery and DC/DC boost circuit, research high efficiency LED’s
    •  3/9 – create LED array, research low energy atmel MCU’s
    •  3/23 – Decide on proximity sensor, proof with chosen MCU
    •  3/30 – rough draft of all circuity for project
    •  4/6 – finalize circuitry
    • 4/13 – Work on enclosure / form
    • 4/20 – Finalize enclosure
    • 4/27 – User testing, maybe build two
    • 5/4 – have at least two units built


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