Finalized charcoal electrode design

Here is the step by step process I have come up with for the charcoal electrodes thus far.

Step 1 is to solder a lead to the steel mesh. I use acid-core silver solder for this and a bigass 100W iron. I find acid core solder to be the only way to get a good soldered connection to steel. I used silver-bearing solder in hopes that it would have less of a chance of corroding (although the tin in the solder might end up negating that) Hopefully covering it with the pine rosin will help prevent extreme corrosion as well.


Next is heat up some rosin in a pan on low heat and sprinkle some cut up steel wool filings


Then drop the mesh onto the rosin and flip the mesh over. Then sprinkle some activated carbon over the mesh. Don’t let it sit for more than a few seconds before removing it from the heat.


Remove the electrode from the heat and place it on wax paper. Roll the carbon flat onto the mesh with heavy pressure.


Repeat for all three electrodes.

I then placed them briefly back onto the heat to help fuse everything together. I then removed the pan from the heat and let them cool down.


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