Salt Water light – Current Iteration

My current iteration of this project lives in three plastic containers from the container store. The project is about 4″ x 6″ and stands 4″ high.



The LED source with some muslin fabric draped over it
The Magnesium and Carbon electrodes in salt water
The Magnesium and Carbon electrodes in salt water

My next task is to work on the form and function. A few targets I would like to meet with this:

  • Use a fabric lamp shade to diffuse and warm the LED light source
  • provide three separate water chambers to serve as separate cells
  • Cast the enclosure out of pine rosin mixed with something translucent
  • Turn the light off and on and dim it by raising and lowering the three Magnesium electrodes.

I have started to brainstorm what kind of mechanism would be intuitive to control the brightness of the lamp, and how the three cells might live together.


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