Completeness – Joseph Cornell box

Our next assignment was to create a 2D sculpture honoring Joseph Cornell for the show Completeness. I decided I wanted to stick to found materials as much as possible.

I started with eight nodes connected together, as there are eight characters in the play. I found a small black box and added some black foam to the bottom and back. Since these eight characters are isolated in the story of the play by themselves, I felt a small black-box world was appropriate.

img_4218 img_4219

Next I took apart a trashed HDMI cable and began to connect the characters together:



I’m not sure what made me decide to weave the silver foil through the box. Maybe it represents time?


Next I ran some of the wire around the perimeter


I followed this with a second layer of red wires separated by a clear blue filter. The red wires connect between Molly and Elliot and the rest of the characters.



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