Nature of Code – physics and animation project

for my final project I would like to go in an extraterrestrial direction . . . .

I will be using a particle system to create an interactive planetarium that I can project onto a ceiling. My basic idea is to have points on a night sky that:

  • move slowly in a relative plane
  • are grouped into organic clusters
  • are of multiple size
  • twinkle or some variety of brightness
  • have some fun user interaction that effects either a portion of the particles, or maybe all of them?

During a recent NYU dumpster diving trip, I came across two 6500lumen christie projectors. I think this will be a fun way to use them! I am lucky to have 14′ high ceilings in my apartment, so my ceiling will be a perfect place to project some star fields.

Someone crazy threw these massive projectors out!

For the user input, I would like to keep it simple. Something about a big trackball seems planetary 🙂

Some of the Nature of Code examples I would like to take advantage of are:

  • Attraction forces
  • Particle Systems
  • Motion acceleration forces
  • Fluid resistance?
  • Magnetism?

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