Assignment #3

This assignment was done as a collaboration with Xinyao Wang and myself.

Yao and I created a program that draws lines between random points within a big circle and a little circle. There are buttons at the top that toggle what color line is being drawn. Learning about the logic to create buttons that click and stay on was a huge step for me. Also watching Yao figure out the geometric equations at lighting speed was another huge step for me!

I was also really excited to learn that frameRate() works either way. For some reason I assumed that it could only be used to slow the default 60fps down. In our program on my new macbook pro, we have it running at 1800fps instead. Drawing these simple lines is no problem for a modern computer, even at 1800fps.

We used Adobe’s color wheel site to choose colors. It also happens to be an excellent example of interaction on the web:






And here is the code:

Programming this did not come without its frustrations! Mainly we tried everything to get rid of the horizontal line. It seems like the program enjoys writing horizontal lines very often.

I decided to keep up my projection theme. This time from a new angle:


Here are some quick videos of it in action!



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